gary and jeff

gary and jeff
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i really did nothing today until about 5pm... the morning was spent packing, wandering in the mess and aftermath, and talking with our Elias Fund lawyer, my patron saint and friend Pat. i've explained to her what a glorious thing it is that we can rest assured the IRS isn't going to be able to seize our resources. so... this morning was a haze.

gary took jeff around his workplace and the town there, apparently it's pretty sweet. when they got home, we hung out on the front porch for a while and then piled into gary's car and, on my mother's suggestion, went and saw harvard. we walked the quad, checked out some shops, and had some good italian dinner. we broke into the law school, wandered some other buildings, and while jeff wandered off by himself in one, gary and i sat outside and talked philosophy: this time, the nature of negativity. we headed home, but had some serious trouble - we got lost and passed by the same place we had dinner. FOUR TIMES IN A ROW. UNINTENTIONALLY. it was great. seriously though, the boys had great attitudes about finding our way home. they weren't stressed or annoyed, and it made it really funny. we ended the night nice and late, i gave gary a backrub and he gave me a hand massage - have we all done this? hand massages are unreal. i've never heard of it. it was awesome. but then suddenly it was 2am and i needed sleep. i'm sleeping tonight on the third floor - it's cooled down a little - and sleeping in a BED is GREAT.

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