like usual

everything else has gotten in the way of posting (like usual). it's been over a week, and it's not like nothing's happened - a lot has happened(like usual). i think a lot of it has to do with my camera being a crank again (like usual). when i don't have pictures, i feel like posts are boring. i might start posting work along with my usual stuff, i have a lot of projects going on (everybody now: "LIKE USUAL").

but yeah, everything's been vaugely good. great, even. i've been working pretty hard with Wunderman and Dispatch, and i'm planning on learning some new skills - capoeira and flash. saw state radio last weekend, going to two more concerts before the week's out. i also paid off a credit card. i feel surprisingly satisfied with myself. i'm hitting a routine, but it's a more dynamic and colorful one than before; what was a burden, a rut, felt as failing to be something better a year ago is now peaceful. there's room to breathe here. for possibly the first time ever, i feel okay about doing the same thing every day. for the first time i can remember, i'm okay with things pretty much as they are.

more later.
oh yeah - LATER WHEN I UPGRADE TO TIGER! very exciting. for those that don't know, that means my computer will be a lot better... my refusal to keep up with the times means i couldn't do some web-savvy things like watch music videos in iTunes. there are more important consequences of upgrading, but that's what I thought of first. whatever.


allijack said...

Congrats on the credit card paying-off! Designy projects sound cool:: post 'em. Contentment? Me, too! Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't be content. Because so often I'm not. Tiger? I'm not there yet. You'll have to let me know if it's worth it. Well, I know it probably is worth it. So let me know HOW it's worth it. Maybe that will motivate me. Or maybe I'll just buy a laptop, fully loaded. I'll need one here shortly anyway...

Tyler said...

tiger is totally worth it. long-time windows user, switched to mac w/ tiger six months ago, will never look back. oblique advantage: makes you feel very web chic too! Only disadvantage is beach balls, beach balls everywhere! anyway, good to hear things are going well and you're enjoying the city. city-living is truly great, especially now that the weather is getting nicer. good luck with the upgrade.