gonna keep on keepin on

i think that title's a quote from dazed and confused. anyway, i FINALLY got confirmation yesterday that today's my last day at Wunderman, land of the lovely monkey work and home of the marketing Titans that i absolutely love being around.

yesterday was unbearably annoying. that's an exaggeration, because i did bear it and it wasn't so bad. but it was the day of the office party, which meant every employee got some door prizes (zip up hoodie, lunch, awards party) and they set up a mini golf tournament AROUND THE OFFICE. that was awesome. one hole involved hitting the ball onto THE ELEVATOR and going upstairs. it was a par 5. but you know who didn't play? that's right. me. the freelancer. too bad i only had 90 minutes of actual work the whole day (which i kind of saw coming). on the other hand, i got paid to be there - wasn't sent home as i'd expected - so i brought in my laptop and had some of my own personal work fun. take that, par 5!

then the office had a real party and they all got smashed together. this morning there's a table of Burger King (Wunderman client) greasy breakfast to take the edge off the collective hangover, and any crankiness i had at yesterday was totally alleviated when i witnessed the Parade of Rampant Hangovers. now THAT was funny.

after listening to the confessions of last night's fun, i swung by one of the top people here to let him know today's my last day again. this guy, who i won't name, has always been someone who i secretly thought if we were the same age and in the same environment we'd totally be buddies. but since he's probably twenty years older than me and a family man, he sits in his corner office and i stop by and we just make each other laugh. he's so cool. so i stuck my head in to say goodbye, and - even though this time working at Wunderman i only talked to him twice - it was the most satisfying conversation i've had here. he was openly surprised and disappointed to see me go, and told me he was impressed while i was here and hoped to see me around again soon. and then someone was at the door so i scooted out - which worked out great, since that killed any chance for awkwardness.

just now i had to pause because an HR person stopped by to tell me COME BACK NEXT WEEK. i am still. employed.

all this and more before 11am.

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