starbucks line was too long for coffee

so now is "next week" and i'm still employed, but for how long? at least friday, so that's nice. and this saturday i go back to Borders (never gave up that job, but had to leave for two weeks for Wunderman) which means working Christmas Eve. [insert deep sigh here, wondering if this is all worth my time]. i'm sure my sleepy-ness is impacting my post this morning, i just don't sleep enough and i'm somehow convinced that if i keep it up long enough i'll condition myself to only need four or five hours to run. so far... not working like i'd planned.

depending on Common to keep me all awake, which thankfully is doing the trick. him and Mike Doughty, former frontman of Soul Coughing. have we all listened to Haughy Melodic??? it's unbelievably good. like i can't stop listening to it even when i deliberately try good.

gonna go get some water.
come back later.

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