birthday bash

to retro-post, i'm going to show a couple of highlights from the
miami univeristy weekend of birthday fun:

anne found us a dinner spot that was up on a mountain. mountains in ohio, you ask? it was awesome. it's this somewhat quaint town (i forget the name, sorry!) with a narrow roads and nice pubs. this restaurant is a former potter's factory, and the tables are situated inside what used to be the kilns used for firing the clay. so each table is in this little brick enclosure and they're all painted in bright colors and have their own acoustic quirks – like the one we were in sounded like everyone was wearing microphones when you stand in the doorway.
AND they served water in mason jars. that's a cool point right there.

after dinner we bummed around, freshened up, and met up with a bunch of my sisters' friends at a bar where a sweet college cover band happened to be playing obscure grunge songs that were my favorites in early high school. like Toadies "Possum Kingdom". i was under the impression that i'm the only person who remembers that one. and THEN THEY SANG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dad and i, which was hilarious.

so it was the usual fare, dinner and drinks with the family.
happy birthdays all around.

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