last weekend was awesome.
visiting my sisters is always magnificent because they are so beautiful and sparkling and their friends are so nice and hug a lot and buy me drinks and talk to me about marketing. seriously, like three in-depth conversations this weekend about the finer points of target marketing. while drinking. and during the day saturday, our family celebrated dad's birthday and my impending one by painting a serving dish at one of those places where you glaze it and they fire the clay in their kiln. it was awesome.

but on to today. this week... i got to work early again today, half the office is out of the office dealing with unrelated matters (off-site meeting, death in the family, just plain sick, etc). and i'm leaving IN ONE HOUR for the interview that might change a lot of things. very, very scared. my eye started twitching today. i just need to think of this like i think of other interviews, like deal with it as though i'm just going in to chat, imagine that there are no reprecussions. have no expectations and nothing will let you down. which doesn't mean i'm not hopeful, i am very hopeful and excited. but i can't psyche myself out any more today.

wow. tonight i'll be in Minneapolis.

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