finally catching up

been doing that thing again with the blog where i've passed over a few things that are very, very important in my life but haven't addressed them because, well, the way the world turns is that the next thing comes before your current thing is done. you know what i mean, i know you do.

so in the past, oh, month.

my youngest sister graduated college

we got to meet anne's guy

hang out with his family (they're pretty awesome)

was home for a few days, had dinner with katie and found out i know more jazz musicians than i thought i did... the guy in the very center of this pict below, with the reddish shirt, we went to high school together; he was in from new york and was playing keyboard with his jazz band.

then to celebrate three out of three daughters being done with college, we decided to leap off into the yonder, across the pond

and spend a few days in barcelona

then paris and luxembourg... but those picts are to come...
in the meantime, you can see the rest of the barcelona pictures that i have up by clicking here.

so that might explain my lonely feelings from the other day - re-entry is always tough. but today is a new day, new crazy things are happening and new pictures will go up tonight. a ton of freelance work is coming in. i like going to the gym and maybe will have time to tonight. i feel relaxed and i'm going to lunch... sweet.

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