identity theory fundraiser

so one of my part-time gigs is being the visuals editor of Identity Theory. it's really a bunch of dedicated people across the country that work to promote unknown talented people. the site's been around for about six years, i've been involved for four, and there is actually a point on the horizon where we see this getting bigger. just a little bigger. not much. but bigger in that we want more people to know about the site, we want more submissions, more artists, MORE I SAY!

so we're gonna raise a little money.
ever heard of fundable.org? basically, you start a group and get some interest started, people can pledge as much or little as they want. no one pays unless you reach your goal, so if you DON'T reach your goal no one loses any scratch. it's a neat system, and we're gonna play it for all it's worth...

so check out the site: www.identitytheory.com
and if you would like to show some support, check out our fundraiser:

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