Rorshach dreams

1. i was cooking and started a grease fire. it was blue, not very hot, but destructive and kept spreading. i tried to stomp it out barefoot, which only spread the fire and ended up with me stomping on my own feet.

2. i was on grey's anatomy but it was real instead of a show, and i was helping two of the interns sedate a woman who was having a psychotic episode, she was attacking me and i held her off by doing that airplane ride thing you do with three year olds where you lift them into the air over you by balancing their stomach on your feet. i was trying so hard to not hurt her, trying to balance this screaming woman, and her face kept changing, the features kept expanding until her mouth was open as wide as a salad plate. i woke up scared out of my mind that she was some kind of ghost that would be floating above me once i was awake. didn't open my eyes for several minutes.

3. there was a bright room and an object floating in front of me over a white table that kept changing form. it became among other things a jackrabbit, a baby, the jack of spades, a teapot, a pear, a spider, and a rattle.

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