Owen came to visit last weekend. below is Owen, in the green shirt:we started out the way all of my most fantastic relationships begin: we happen to meet one day, and somehow just never stop talking or moving or being together. owen was my partner in crime last summer, we would both get stuck in that big house and sneak out to go to movies, or to panera, or to a guitar shop owen found and he'd test out their Taylors while i would just poke around and pretend to have any idea what i was looking for (i didn't.).

so it's been literally almost a year since i've seen this kid, and he's in ohio right now working at an audio workshop. usually he's in pittsburgh, so since he was already that much closer he decided to drive in for a weekend... and we walked just about the whole time. saturday owen arrived around 4pm, we walked my neighborhood and then went to dinner with six of my friends (they were all looking forward to meeting this kid that i reference on a regular basis who none of them knew)... after dinner we went to see the new Pirates movie (thumbs up) and walked from [ohio + michigan] to [clark + schiller] at 2am. for those that don't know, it's close to 2 miles :) lot of drunken fools out there at 2am.

sunday we took the bus to the loop, and walked from [michigan + wacker] to [michigan + congress] and zig-zagged our way back up between michigan ave and state street. got back to my place in time to catch the italy vs france world cup game, then sent owen on his way.

that kid, i'll tell you what. he's pretty awesome. we spent a solid 24 hours together after having a phone friendship for a year after living together for a couple months. i am so amazed by these relationships that come out of nowhere, and end up being the most altering and sweet influences that remind me why i shouldn't try to control my destiny, it's evidence that God's good graces will continue to find me without my help. i love the feeling that my friends are amazing and i love how much i want them all to hang out together :)

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