lights on the highway

saw something very cool last night.

i jumped off of lake shore drive to get the photo - coming home from Tyler's place in hyde park (south side - 3 exits past the planetarium) and i wish the photos came out of it in the bigger skyline. but because i'm only so talented at taking pictures from my window while driving (i'm such a professional), i turned off at congress and kept driving and turning and driving until i was suddenly right up close to a very quiet, dark, simple memorial. i'm not all up in the 9-11 stuff today, but i'm remembering the memorial gary and i used to hang out by in downtown boston, one of those children's letters lacquered on cement type things. the first night we found it, we just read it for hours in the streetlight glow, taking turns pointing out one letter or another.

usually i'd go on a rant about global politcs and the MDC and third world debt right about here, but it feels really forced. this blog is an exercise in narcissism, but turning 9-11 into any kind of vehicle for my own viewpoints would be totally crossing a line.

also interesting: "Viewpoints: The world since 9/11" (click here). among those interviewed is the executive director of Human Rights Watch.

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