needlessly serious

the thunder rumbles on, and my sore ass is still here at the office. taking a minor mental break (fingers flinching, semi-poised over the key command to minimize the window lest boss-man disrupt me) mental break from updating the Spanish recipes on the Butterball site.

typing Spanish, proofreading Spanish as though it were my primiary language and not my tertiary. for those who don't know, that means third.

thunder again. had chipotle for lunch and while it's debatable whether my shoes were made for walkin', it is a solid and unredeeming fact that they are not made to walk in the rain. there is a thin layer of sludge where my heels rest. nasty.

so the shoes, their sparkles and sequins reside under my desk. away from my doting little piggies. my right eye twiches. twice. it's nearly time to go home. until i return tomorrow to solve new problems, overhear new conversations, possibly get more job offers.

that's right. you heard me. maybe more job offers. two more that aren't even from headhunter people. new people that found me on their own.

i will wear better shoes tomorrow.

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