if i was the swearing type, i'd do it now

i go to the camera store and explain my problem. the girl takes my camera, turns it over in her hands, sighs, and says "Well, the problem is either with your camera or your memory card. Your camera would be $200 to fix and $250 to replace, and they don't make this model any more, so you should get a new camera. Or, your $70 memory card might just be corrupt. Memory cards don't have warrenties."

Credon, Inc. embodies everything evil on the internet. i go to my blog and i see four comments posted on my latest entry and i foolishly think "oh! people missed me! maybe people DO enjoy my writing!" i absolutely understand that blogs are inherently narcissistic, but i like to pretend that i'm entertaining here. but no. all four comments are from some morons who actually think i won't DELETE THEM AND ALL THEY STAND FOR. credon inc, i smite thee and thy comments. jerks. who do they think they are, to try and ursurp my comments to get free advertising?

this morning my mom had company and i had to clear out of the house. two starbucks and one panera later, i returned home without finding ANY free internet. precious. time. lost. morning ruined. then i went to the camera store.


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