internet politics and contradictions

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Mark Fiore political cartoons
• the best news team you'll ever see
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• the only news i bother to watch
• a special link for graphic designers recovering from Katrina

read 'em and weep, boys.
this country's getting nuts. i never thought i'd say it. i still haven't informed myself enough to say anything better or more important than anything that's been said already, but i really am reading the communist manifesto and i think the time is approaching for me to develop some actual political ideas.

it's tough, because at the same time i'm very much of the opinion that whatever point i make will always have a valid counterpoint; the only thing you can say universally is that nothing can be said universally. that's usually when i step out of the argument and always try to point out the other side in discussions regardless of what i actually believe (REALLY fun). but last night my nana and mother were talking and it occured to me again that i'm very liberal for a conservative, totally conservative for a liberal, mildly buddhist for a christian, and very socalist for a capitalist. where does opinion end and belief begin?

can i really be anti- something? anti- G-dubbyah? anti- news media? anti- corporate? can i be absolutely opposed to anything? i don't think i can. there are two sides to every coin. we are all birthed of the same desires (another link - Maslow's hierarchy of needs), and that philosophy is what keeps me from becoming immobile on anything in this world.

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