crossing my mind

i woke up at 4am, picked up my head, ingested the orange streetlight glow on my walls. i started to whisper to myself in half-delierium as i waited to slip out again:

...i wonder if ice cream would taste different if my tongue was textured like a cat's tongue.
...i miss eric calling me at 4am with his rumbling darth vader voice.
...he never followed up with me about that bar thing. i was going to design coasters.
...my framed design camp coasters are still at my parent's house. crap.
...oh God, gary's still in China. i wonder how that's going.
...maybe my goldfish hates me. he always looks cranky.
...ooooooh. i forgot he died a few days ago. how sad.
...i like how MacGuyver is making a commercial comeback.
...i wonder what Jeff Parker is up to. i bet he's a musician.
...someday i'm going back to cambodia.
...one side of the bed is lower, and i'm going to fall off the edge of the world.
...like shel silverstein, where the sidewalk ends. falling up.
...i need to read/draw/mellow out more often. maybe get a new sketchbook.
...i'm going to eat my oatmeal out on the balcony in the morning.
...if i open my eyes i won't fall back asleep, but i WILL listen to iron & wine.
...counting sheep is so lame.


allijack said...

1. you framed those coasters?! (which ones, this year or borderline?)
2. you must have really been attached to your goldfish, remembering he died & all
3. is it warm enough for balcony oatmeal these days?

lisa said...

1. the originals. the pickup lines from 2001. nine total, a few examples here:
- nice bodoni
- your em space or mine?
- we should go out just for the helvetica

2. yeah, my fishy. i never expected much from him. i mean, it WAS sad when i went to feed him and he was floating, but you know, he was a little dimestore goldfish.

3. it totally is NOT but it takes more than that to stop me.

Anonymous said...

...do you need more sleep?