city city exhaling the city
two people kissing by the train
two people fighting at the bus
a grandmother whistles.

i lived with a girl
who said i'm intense about everything
but i enjoy it, exhaling my city windy city
THE HUMANITY its grace:
if you give something permission to shine
i find it usually tries to.

our intensity, it's so fine a thing
to laugh at no one but yourself
desiring to love on total strangers
invading your space, your mind, your heart
let the sun shine!
oh let
the sun shine in

and then, something i read this morning about protest:
"Four decades ago, unrest thrived on a heady mix of ideology and hope. The current protests are fuelled by fear and insecurity. ...The 1960s protesters rejected mainstream society. Their modern brethren are angry at being kept out."

possibly the most modern, accurate, piercing thing i've read in months.

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