let's start with the fish

i've done it. i've gotten back downtown after being gone for almost a year. all credit goes to my mom for finding it, i found one apartment on craigslist.org and almost abandoned my search when i arrived on the doorstep of that nastiness. instead of going home, we picked up a Chicago Tribune and drove around the city for two days, calling people and saying "are you home? i'm downstairs and would like to come up."

after much of this, we found one man who is renting me what is in my world the best apartment in the history of apartments for lisa. here is a photo tour:

i have a fish who i've named fishy-fishy. that and "little man" are the only things i've called him. which is funny because i'm not at all sure he's a he.

my kitchen is only big enough for one cook at a time, but all the appliances are very nice and i have my own set of dishes. a very new experience for me :)

this is my now-empty living room, which will be painted a mossy green and be filled with two bookshelves and a TV stand in the middle. right now there is a little TV, a lone chair, an IKEA lamp, and creature speakers.

this is my "bedroom," which has a curtain separator. these walls will be painted a really light brown, which is great camoflauge for my deer (hiding in this picture behind the flowers on the left). i suddenly miss my guitar, which went to my friend Jason a few years ago. the guitar and the deer used to hang out. anyway.

15th floor, south facade. welcome to chicago.
the green lights way back on the right are the sears tower.

my south view rocks and i have little lights to celebrate that.

there's also a balcony, but i forgot to upload the picture of it so it'll come later... for now, this is where i see myself for a few years to come. i'm planning on having it all pulled together in time for the April 28th premiere of the Dispatch movie in Chicago, in case any of those kids need to get away for a minute, maybe my joint can be the crash pad...


Tyler said...

that view is absolutely beautiful. i'm sooo jealous :) i have a lovely view of the alley to the left and the second floor of the brownstone next door and (if you crane your neck just right and look up and then down at the same time in the general direction of right) a little slice of the lake. glad to hear your dad is on the mend and that you're enjoying your spartan digs.

allijack said...

something like this might look pretty cool on a mossy green wall... looks like a pretty spiffy new place! congrats!

lisa said...

allison, way ahead of you :)
going for the norrebo (?) shelves - basically the same thing only a little more hefty. need room for all my binders!

allijack said...

ooo. I like those better. Do that.