FPO in industry-land stands for "for position only."
it's what you say when you have a placeholder.

this post will be replaced tomorrow morning with news of anne's graduation, quality time in Ohio (sorry i didn't swing by again steve, someday i'll come knockin), and a jazz band i saw last monday.

the FPO is a waste of time, but it's just that i've had the pictures and have been working too much to want to come home and spend more time on my computer. i've HAD the picts, they're SO CLOSE and i just can't stand it anymore!!

so this FPO will be replaced tomorrow. when i get to go home. two 50 hour weeks in a row is really getting on my nerves.

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cassie said...

Well you better make some time to hang out with me once I get back (I should get in on Sunday night)... after all, I'm way more fun than the computer!