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the dispatch movie came and went. it was fantastic.
the weekend was a ton of fun. started out by going to Muse Cafe thursday night to see Pete Francis and Craig Dreyer:

and then friday night was THE MOVIE i've been promoting for two months. two or three nights a week at the Doubledoor, Vic, or Metro, the Aragon and UIC Pavilion all got fliers. We showed the film at Park West Theater on Armitage to about 400 people... i went straight over after work to deliver the merchadise for sale, tee shirts and CDs. after setting up and getting a tour of the venue, picked up dinner for everyone and we munched up in the green room. we had some time to chill, Craig played some Tom Waits-inspired tunes for me on the guitar.

then the doors opened at 7, we had an opening band called *6:

after they warmed up the crowd, the movie showed at 8. afterwards, Pete & Craig played a short set, five songs if i remember correctly.

the show had a great vibe to it, a lot of people have been really excited to see the flick. and most of the audience were fans, so they got the jokes and were laughing at the right places, singing along and clapping. when Pete & Craig took the stage, half the audience rushed up to get a closer look.

afterwards, the crowd dwindled down until it was down to the original team: me, the producers, pete, craig, pete's manager, and the former Dispatch manager. it felt a little like the end of Ocean's Eleven when they all part ways without much decorum, a wink and a smile, a nod and it's over. i'm officially done promoting Dispatch.

of course, after everything else i slipped Craig my cellphone number and the guys called around midnight looking for pizza. my buddy jessica and i took them out to Duo on Ontario where we introduced them to some nice Chicago style deep dish until around 1:30, at which point the guys went home to bed, jessica went home to sleep, and i went to other undisclosed locations until around 5am. what can i say? i was pretty riled up. it was a good night.

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