i'm taking a minor break after getting some agua, i'm doing that thing again that i do sometimes where i'm asleep by eleven, up at five and at my desk by 6am, putting in a solid three hours of freelance work before officially starting my day. somehow this routine keeps me energized, instead of the 7am wake up call that has me slumping around my apartment before dragging myself to work in time to be turning on my computer at 9. getting up earlier saves me from the midday lulls, and i'm not sure how. i don't have those sleepy periods at 10am and 3pm that i've come to expect and hate.

it's so amazing to be up that early in a place with as many people as Chicago. to see Michigan Avenue dead quiet, empty like Stephen King's "The Stand" quiet, like the beginning of "Vanilla Sky" quiet, not even a cab driving by. Go upstairs - the people at Starbucks are there, illusion shattered - but up in the office it's the same thing. And I don't know where the light switches are. I'm alone in the twilight morning with my little laptop, whittling away at small projects before I step it up to my day job and turn to the desktop sitting next to me.

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allijack said...

whoa! I can't believe you do that sometimes. I got up at 6 once this week to run—and it was a pretty big deal. I am discovering that getting up a little early isn't all THAT bad...