starfish and coffee

my digital camera finally broke. like, beyond repair, no amount of reproaching or threats to my little inanimate object will scare it into submission. after two solid years of nearly daily use, it's gone.

what i think i already miss most about it is the ability to let others in on the joke. i was sitting here just now having lunch when i looked at my chicken soup and black tea and i thought to myself, it's my own starfish and coffee. these things don't go together.

without my camera, i can't just post the photo and title it 'starfish and coffee.' oh no, i have to write it. and then it takes too long to tell, and the joke is over before it's ready to be over, whereas the photo would have taken a fifth of the time, making the joke funnier. which it needs, cause it was never that funny to begin with.

oh, camera. [sheds a single tear]
what this does open the door to, though, is the possibility of a Nikon D80. it's SO HOT. just give me a little time and we'll have fun soon.

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