uh, so i went to denver

that was... two weeks ago. my friend katie was getting married, and i went with jenna and my parents to the land of mountains and hippies that are also preppies. organic / crunchy / pottery barn. if they can learn to all live in peace, then what are the rest of us doing?

added bonus: i spent my morning having coffee with my dear friend joe, who used to be one of my city urchins and is now domesticated (in a good way) with a fiancee and a dog. we took his puppy for a walk. very nice introduction to joe's life, one i've only heard about so far.

and let's be honest, any time i get to see the mountains i get excited. while i was here, and when i was living in california, i was amazed to just see mountains whenever i wanted, like, just find a window! they're RIGHT THERE! it's the only time i feel 1. like "a midwesterner" and 2. like maybe there is something the otherwise perfect city of chicago is missing.

katie's wedding was beautiful. weddings are always pretty, but sometimes they're transformative - like when the doors opened, she was lace and glitter and perfect.

the church itself was a fairly inspirational, even for a place of worship -

between the mass and the reception, we hit what was the original chipotle. like, THE FIRST. i feel it's worth mentioning.

the reception was as nice as the ceremony - katie had it in a wildlife center, so it was a wedding but also artwork, and museum-esque exhibits.

this photo is for anne, who wasn't there - jenna imitating a moose:

and a photo i took when jenna and i snuck onto the balcony overlooking the reception area

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