if there's such a thing as an inoffensive silverchair song title, i'd put it here

don't we all sometimes get into those funkadelic throwback moods where we want nothing more in our little ears than that first music that grabbed us by the collar and threw us against the wall? kicked us while we were down and picked us up again, only to hold us by our ankles out of a third story window?

it seems the more exhausted i am, the closer i come to seeing spots, the more i crave that thrashing wild music i first started listening to when i was about thirteen. the magical year i first discovered silverchair or toadies, more commonly perceived as the end of the new grunge era. nirviana and bush had been big for a while, and the new kids were showing up on the market. long before i was gently introduced to the much nicer and happier singer/songwriter action of dispatch or iron and wine. nick drake was not yet an obsession, although he has been very good to me. nothing against what came later, but that first love is for most people the one you fall hardest for and never forget.

this was before i hated clearchannel and still listened to the radio...

it was perfect for that time in my life, it was all the energy i had to burn and it was a magical world to have my walkman blasting angry heat that i took into myself and said, someone else feels this too. someone else knows that the world is bigger and meaner than what health class tries to teach me, and these people know i have every chance at fighting my way through it. and whenever i'm approaching a new challenge that takes that extra degree of resilience i do two things - sleep less, and bust out the battle hymns.

oh, silverchair, i don't even like you that much anymore, but i'm glad to have you around.
(this friday i'm making a presentation to the office president about using usurping the creative team and their otherwise billable creative time for a glue network project.

hey, anyone reading? let's hear what your battle hymns are.
throw 'em in the comments --

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cassie said...

For me, it's anything off of Bush's "Sixteen Stone" but especially "Glycerine". That was my angry music in high school and it's still the only thing that will pull me through 100% of the time, without fail.