haven't even thought about this little corner of my mind in a couple of weeks. lot of s**t going down, some very busy days at work. plus the consistent and nagging fact that without photos, i feel like reading about my mundane day-to-day stuff is very, very tedious.

but i got a new phone! with a camera! so there are a couple of picts. the quality's decent, here is what it looks like to make gingerbread:
let us pause to acknowledge the use of baking soda in this recpie. also known as the active ingredient in science fair volcanoes. this mess BEGAN as a thin layer of boiled molasses and brown sugar, ginger and allspice; add the baking soda and it nearly TOOK ON ITS OWN LIFE AS THE BLOB AND TRIED TO EAT ME. or at least jump out of the pot.

i didn't know the butter and eggs would mellow it out... i threw them in out of desperation. i panicked.

also in our recap i want to revisit the amazing nature of my office, our mini-golf office party and moroccan themed shindig that evening.

does this make more sense now? we literally golfed around the office along the homemade course (lined with various colored tapes). here's mohammed figuring out his shot - i didn't make par on this one cause i chipped and only knocked down the top two cans. we had to kill all three to get the hole! my bad.

some people came in costume.

later on, other people had costumes (but she worked at Tizi) (at least i hope she did)

and to finish, a couple more shots from tizi as the night went on...

in other news, the upcoming freelance break is getting closer and i'm feeling better and better about it. it's really weird, how freeing myself a little from the stress of it actually has made me work faster to get everyone done. i'm getting a ton finished these days, it's very liberating.

hope everyone's holidays were what they wanted.
cheers to 2007, off to a great start.

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