time exists but just on your wrist so don't panic

so it finally snowed in Chicago last weekend.
it'll probably be gone by this afternoon :)

this morning i got up at 5:30 and was at my desk at 6:30 to get a ton of small things done. Glad to say I was successful... things faxed, sent, e-mailed, checked on. All done!

today i'm doing research on current/near future Generation Y trends through the lenses of music, sports, innovation, and peer to peer networking (OFFLINE, you myspace geeks!) like business expos. young adult / new professional trends.

as part of my job i get to read a lot and tear up magazines for mood boards, visual representations of the points i'm trying to make that we use in meetings and, more notably, brainstorms (like the huge one i'm working on putting together for friday):
my desk is kind of controlled chaos. it's going well.

today i also did something i've done before that's mildly frightening: while i was writing i misspelled something by writing "t" when i meant to write "r." which, if we're paying attention, are two keys NEXT TO EACH OTHER ON THE KEYBOARD.


i'm a little stressed out, in a good way. this week and last week have both been wild with the Dispatch reunion concert being unleashed onto the devil no wait, Ticketmaster. shoot. i mean to say, the evil antithesis of everything that's good about music. then there's a brainstorm last week, another one this week, and in the meantime i'm cleaning up an Elias Fund project and trying to get my whole office behind me in supporting the Glue Network, and setting up a meeting to plan an EVENT that may or may not be a mural project. or concert. this summer in chicago.

but i'm more convinced than ever that i love my job, i'm surrounded by amazing minds, and any ounce of struggle i have is self-imposed and entirely worth it. i'm flexing my soul, here, and it's getting stronger :)

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allijack said...

ha! and to think you were almost an art director instead! I'm so glad you picked this job. It seems like a very good fit for you :)