hurry up and wait

just talked to miss Target. she asked me about my interview. apparently mister Target was worried that i am too oriented to the NFP side of things - she said "we want to be clear that we are a for-profit" and i was like, "yes, i'm not going to sell all my possesions and live in the mountains, i want to work. i'm a city girl. i miss things the NFP world doesn't offer, like budgets."

i feel like this hold i have there is precarious. like they know i seem pretty good but they want to make sure they can't get something better. like they're looking for someone more marketing oriented, maybe more agressively bottom-line and less relentlessly cheerful. but little do they know, I'M RIGHT HERE. DESIGNER OF YOUR DREAMS.

i'm still scared.
between Wunderman and Target, sometime in the near future i will end up somewhere in the spectrum of [unemployed entirely] and [dueling job offers, one being significantly better than the other].

miss Target told me to call tuesday and that's when i'll finally find out if i'm actually getting on a plane or if i need to work on my plan B. which by now, this many plan B's into the job hunt, is like my plan R.

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