it's been quite a while, and i think it's in part due to my lack of a camera... this year for no clear reason i can think of, i had no desire to take pictures on christmas OR at the new year. i was pretty bummed about missing a camera when we went to try on bridesmaid's dresses for mandy's wedding, but what's a person to do. other than get a new camera. it's the American way.

but things have been going pretty steady for a while now. i'm still living at home and still itching to not be doing that, through no one's fault but my own sense of independence. last weekend was good, some girls and i hit the MCA and then House of Blues for Bottle of Justus. but the work, oh, the work. some crazy things are happening:

last thursday i was called into HR woman's office. she had a tone in her voice that had me worried, but turns out it was her excitement about the possibility of a position for me at Wunderman that would be the interactive coordinator, a person who works with account execs and creative types to make the big picture run smoothly.

target called.
the same day i talked to Wunderman HR woman, my other friend at target called, the one who i thought i would never talk to again. she was chipper as usual, and told me i'm being considered for a more senior position in the same community relations group... hopefully this week i'll have a phone interview with a Target Man... and then if that goes well, i'd be flying up next week for the in-person face-to-face interview. if THAT goes well, then i'll start packing.

MEANWHILE, this week
just finished a logo for Nebogroup
going to design jerseys for my dad's bike group
going to do a website for a painter we know
working on an Elias Fund press kit
still whittling away on my own website

i have a cold and am seriously hopped up on ricola.
and must be stopped.

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