a bag of clothes and a bag of toys

i feel like i'm starting this "journal" so slowly, but as soon as things really begin, man, i'll be rocket-propelled. like Wile E. Coyote.

but before that, i'm going to Nicaragua. TOMORROW. MORNING. i'd like to dedicate this moment to the fine people at Constructive Playthings, who actually sell jump ropes for eighty-nine cents each. i was so excited that i called laura in the middle of the store to tell her about it.

the importance of the jump ropes is this: we're going to be in Managua from thursday to sunday, then heading to an orphanage from monday to thursday. so i'm looking forward to the kids at security when i heave this bag up on the conveyor belt that's filled with jump ropes, harmonicas, slide whistles, stickers, bubbles, and superballs. they'll be like "can you remove your shoes please?" and i'll be thinking, "yes, superballs are an obvious threat to national security."

oh man. now i'm paranoid that they won't let this stuff on the plane. i mean, seriouly, don't you remember grade school? you can do some damage if you flick that plastic jump rope handle like it's a wet towel. give someone a nasty welt. anyway. i woke up early to re-pack, i'm so glad i remembered my passport :) and just now i got back from my exiting interview with Epstein. now i'm counting the minutes, watching my clock tick. tick. tick.

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