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A. Epstein and Sons Int'l, Inc.
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today i've started telling some people here at work about the job change. i was kind of dreading this, worried that people would be annoyed or angry (i'm leaving mid-project on a couple things), but everything's good. i still have to tell a woman in Human Resources, but she's out till 4. so today is odd but good. everyone is really excited for me, which does a lot more for me than i think they realize.

it's so funny how seldom people are made aware of the impact they have on other people, which makes me value pointing it out. i told two of my friends here (who i adore) that their encouragement has made working at Epstein better for me, and it's true. i really have a great time here. art directors can make or break a job sometimes, so to see them be excited for me makes everything better :) it's seriously tough to leave and not hesistate and say to people "i'm leaving a perfectly good job in downtown Chicago to pursue this other equally fascinating project."

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