full support from Tchaikovsky

i forgot my iTunes were on play instead of pause, which means it's been playing all day. While i was emailing someone about this summer's plans i put on my headphones, expecting to start up some Soul Coughing.

instead it's Tchaikovsky's wedding song, the one from the commericals where women pick up a thing of yogurt and suddenly they realize what a divine experience it is to eat yoplait and the violins pick up and the sun streams through the kitchen window as she picks up a spoon and enjoys the blissful second before she trancends through yogurt. If you know what song I'm talking about, you're smiling.

isn't this more than mildly ironic? while emailing about working for the Elias Fund, i get the violins. LOVE it. today is the first day where i'm really letting this become real to me, and i love it.

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