the first of what's likely to be many such things

(deep breath) everything is still going well. this weekend i'll be packing, lifting, packing, driving, packing. i have to get a bag together for Nicaragua, then Ohio, then, you know, the rest of my life that i can carry with me. i'll post a few pictures later, when i'm up to my ears in things i realize i don't need, which i'll only realize when they require carrying the object down three flights of narrow homemade stairs. Gardner's Art Through the Ages just doesn't seem so important when it means i can't carry much else down at the same time.

but i've made my first mistake - to everyone who got the mass email this morning, i'm SO SORRY i didn't use the blind carbon copy thing instead of just sending it. i meant to, honest. i didn't mean to send you an email with fifty people on the list. every time i drafted that email i tried to read it from a different point of view: how would my nana read it? how would my co-worker read it? how would i read it? and then i went and ruined the make-you-feel-like-i-think-you're-special effect by making you feel like you're a name on the list.

sorry about that. you are special. that's why you got the email. except for about a dozen of my friends who didn't tell me they changed emails and now they get to miss out on all the fun. how very unfortunate for them. but they're special too.

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