i didn't suspect a thing at first

shane: tell me about your job. do you work full time?
lisa: yeah, i do have an 8 to 5. my job's pretty cool. but i'm just that into dispatch and elias, i'm willing to put in another couple hours after a ten hour day or what have you. those five things i sent you yesterday? i did them all saturday, in one day, start to finish.
shane: huh... that's crazy.
lisa: i know that if i could do this all the time, i'd be prolific. i could just create and create for you because when i understand a project, it can just flow. once an idea gets going, it's easy to expand it if it's strong enough, and i think this elias look is strong enough.
shane: well, let's keep talking about this summer.

(we end up hatching a master plan)
how it will begin:
4.18 give two weeks notice at A. Epstein and Sons International, Inc
4.28 go to Nicaragua for a week with the Braddigan kids
5.05 return to Chicago only to switch overnight bags and crash
5.06 go to Miami Univ. of Ohio for sister Jenna's graduation
5.08 back to Chicago; take a nap; catch up on emails and bills
5.09 begin packing for the summer & moving boxes to parent's house
5.13 wrap it up, time to go; prepare mentally for what's coming
5.15 fly to Los Angeles; meet Shane in person; settle in for two weeks
5.16 work for Elias Fund on the IDM grant until it's D-O-N-E
5.28 move to Boston with Shane, prepare The House for the interns
6.01 housemates begin to arrive; prepare for the mayhem
6.10 back to Chicago for Andi and Johnny's wedding
6.12 back to Boston; movie promotions are up and running
7.01 still in Boston; movie is released this month!
8.01 to Chicago to promote flick some more; reassess future
9.01 after Chicago: choose my own adventure

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