best day thus far

so today was amazing. my mom and i had a great talk, i felt like we really understood each other and that's not always a guaranteed thing. i have seriously different views from the rest of my family regarding religion and ways to be peaceful, and today we totally connected. so that had me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

the whole house took it pretty easy for the morning, then gary and i went downtown for church around 3pm. this was our second time going and i think we're going to make a thing out of it. it's just so relaxing, we drive into the city and talk about God the whole way down, just sharing things we've learned along the way. we've met a few kids at church already, so it's nice to see them on sunday afternoon, and after the service we wander boston a bit before heading home.

this week we came straight home afterwards and had a little concert in the living room - a band called Gretel that was comprised of some friends of the second floor girls. it was kind of tori-amos-feeling music, two girls and a guy. they stuck around for a bit, owen and i scooted out to pick up some panera, and when we got back everyone had cleared out, so he and i had dinner and watched a movie. i slept on the loveseat in the living room, which is becoming more and more common as the temperature rises :) it's beyond a feasible sleeping temperature in the third floor rooms, as far as i'm concerned. let ashlee have that king-size bed to herself.

gary makes fun of me b/c he leaves for work around 5am and has seen me there, limbs askew. apparently my feet were up in the air? interesting.

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I love you - you are my favorite nomad