BLANK project

i got the BLANK book today... everyone's very excited. check it out here: www.madmadmad.com/blank

i met steve, the facilitator, when i was being shredded on a design forum for publicly stating that in the last election, i didn't vote. i'll be the first to admit that it was an asshole move. but i have my reasons. not going to get into it here.

the point is that Steve reached out to me when i was about ready to burst into tears at work, just wrote me a two line email, and we have this cool thing where we just think each other are cool. and that's it. we email back and forth, maybe i'll make it to ohio for the party when the BLANK project is done, but what if i can't? i don't know if steve and i will ever meet face to face. it's the beauty of the internet and Speak Up. anyway, i have the traveling masterpiece and i hope i can do it justice. i picked up a few magazines to make a collage, and hopefully it will be pretty nifty. sometimes i can pull off being extra-special creative...

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