the lovely couple

the lovely couple
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so this is the best "how we met" story: at our cousin tommy's wedding, my nana introduced my cousin andi to the bride's brother. we were all like, "oh, nice, they're having a good chat." eyebrows were raised when they were still chatting a few hours later. when andi left chicago to visit st. louis two weeks later they raised some more. when she moved in with johnny, they lowered and we smiled at the divine providence that led to nana rose connecting two beautiful souls.

look who's married! today we had a beautiful wedding. everything was perfect. i had a bit of a whirlwind going on - i came from boston yesterday and i go back tomorrow - but for as for today, there is a cinematic blur unfolding that has bright spots of babies, grandparents, and the occasional shot of tequila.

i took over two hundred pictures. check out some of them by clicking on the photo :)

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