waveland at 6am, facing wrigley field

waveland at 6am, facing wrigley field
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i'm suddenly kind of homesick today. it's not something i get a lot, obviously. we've established that i like to wander. i once warned someone special, "be sure you mean it when you invite me to do something. i can be counted on to leave the country."

this picture is from my apartment one cold morning, one absolutely nondescript day before getting in my car on the way to work.

today's been stinking wierd. nothing seems to work, no ideas are good, everyone's on edge, we're getting discouraged. this is the first time we've all felt our feet dragging. i know mine sure are, but it's because i've been ordered to RE-BRAND EVERYTHING. this project i've been working on for months? that i killed myself for over that grant proposal? we're throwing out the entire thing. it's "too old" or "too... something." vague direction is a wrench in my machine.

i want to walk into this picture today, into a cold harsh morning and walk around the block. i'm feeling a little trapped without a car. i have a better sense of direction than anyone else in the house, so going anywhere with anyone takes at least thirty minutes in each direction. we're talking about going to the grocery store, here.

i want to walk into this picture and sit on the dirty curb and wince as the stench of last night's beer wafts over from Casey Moran's on clark street. i want to walk in front of my church and resist the urge to let myself in and pray by myself in the empty sanctuary, an impluse i have to kill every time i go near it. i want to see my pastors, i want to have coffee with Aimee and Katie at Uncommon Ground. i'm at barnes and noble right now, but i could be absolutely anywhere. i want to be with jeff and effie, hugging them because i just found out my cousin and his wife are going to BE PARENTS! i should call my nana and papa.

i'll be here until i solve this rebranding thing... they close at eleven, right? great.


cassie said...

hang in there. i know how easy it is to get homesick in boston (believe me...) but you're an amazing person and you'll be great.

Popeye said...

Wow. Cats, you live the life that so many of us dream about, and you have so much to show for it. The pictures, descriptions, profound 3am philosophical epiphany(s), help those who can't leave our little cage that much happier b/c we feel as if we're there sharing the moment with you. As for the homesickness...don't worry, I'll spit plenty of pits for the both of us. :P