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today we walked a 10k for AIDS Walk Boston. our team raised a total of $640! big THANK YOU goes to my parents, my grandparents, my nana rose, and my aunt cindy, who all helped me come up with $115 of it. my family's generosity is unceasing and i'm very grateful for it.

everyone was kind of wiped out afterwards - we were passing out Foundations Records CDs while we walked, so i met a TON of cool folks and heard a lot of good stories. i told people about Zimbabwe, the Elias Fund, and Dispatch, and many of the people i met told me about their siblings, parents, or lovers that they had lost. the CDs were a great icebreaker, and i'm a sucker for a heartfelt story. cool to hear so many.

after sitting around for a couple hours and hanging out, we swung into action for another barbeque in the evening, this one for our team and for Dispatch fans that came to walk with us. the second floor kids came along too - we love the open door policy!

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