newport harbor
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rhode island is neither a road, nor an island. discuss.

we were talking about a group day off, but couldn't help ourselves. we had a minor fiasco trying to get out there, that ended up renting a car at a reduced rate by promising the Enterprise Rent-A-Car manager that Ashlee would take him to the premiere as her date. hmmmmm.

but we got out there, and it was the most charming beach town i've seen in a long time. tons of little high priced boutiques and cafes, and a nice beach. the homes were the biggest i've ever seen, and with my being from Wilmette, that's saying something :) we saw some mansions, schools, and cliffs. then we hit a Guster show and for the first time this summer i did the concert PR thing. we just stood around asking people if they were Dispatch fans and if we found some i lept into a big speech about the movie and how they should come. then in the middle of this scene i get a text message from my mom telling me that my cousin's wife is pregnant! so i'm handing out fliers and wiping my little happy-tears and people thought i was just nuts (in a fun way, i think).

after the concert we got pizza at a local joint and met a woman named Anna who was waiting for her dinner too - so we invited her to sit with us and it turned out she works with a not for profit that takes at-risk kids and sets them up in a photography class - some of the kids she worked with have only gone on to college because she facilitated a place where they could feel a little freedom to express themselves! we traded stories, told her about africa, and you know, made a friend. she was cool.

we got back late, and i totally slept on the couch. that fan upstairs just wasn't cutting it.

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