happy birthday aimee!!!

this picture is of aimee and shonda, two of my best girls in the city. unfortunately for me, my girls have gotten bigger and crazier jobs that will do things like take them out to Virginia. who will i have dinner with then? (aimee is on the right)

we went to Andalous Moroccan on clark street for aimee's birthday / yay new jobs party. this place is phenomonal, the food is authentic and tasty, but it's definitely the kind of joint where you get to wait 90 minutes before your food is brought to the table. so you chatter, you drink some wine, have some hummus, some peppers and pita bread. they DO have a kickass patio, let's be serious here - murals and lanterns. (this is mel)

for sure a three-hour affair... and totally a great time

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