minor tragedy

my favorite boss, one of my most favorite bosses ever, who i called "hot boss" to my family and friends, has unexpectedly quit to go somewhere else. he came by today to tell me tomorrow's his last day.

this means our group is one smaller (now we're at eight), and my fears have been confirmed that literally every person on deck will jump ship at the first good chance.

that being said, i've been recruited by a headhunter (very exciting) and had an interview last week that went very well. i'm expecting to know soon. but hot boss just HAD to go and steal all my thunder. i'm kidding. i'm very happy for him - i just explained it to someone as saying he's much bigger and smarter than his job here allows him to be. if this new gig allows him to really go crazy the way he wants to, it's going to be very exciting. no matter what... sad to not work with hot boss* anymore.

*hot boss does not mean i think he's attractive.
it means he's nice and smart and has a lot of great boss-qualities.

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Anonymous said...

HI babe,
Just jumped on your blog site after MUCH too long. You've got the touch. what a writer.
mommie dearest