so i totally forgot to talk about last week

i'm a creepy person on myspace and will sometimes find people who i haven't talked to in years, or never really did. one such person of the latter category got an email from me that basically read, "i'm not pretending we ever hung out or anything, but i found your myspace from the new trier alum myspace, and i really dig your music. very cool. have a great day."

so austin emailed me back, we wrote back and forth a couple of times, and eventually he invited me to a chicago show (he now lives in austin. i think the band should be called Austin from Austin but it's called St James Inc). this was one of my first forays into Subterreanean in Bucktown, and i LOVED it. what a cool venue. the room with the stage is tall and narrow, so there's a standing room and you can go upstairs, where the bar up there is a U-shaped balcony so you can see more from above.

being me, though, i was front and center despite being there by myself :) that's just how i roll. if i'm doing something, i might as well rock it for all it's worth, you know? picts of austin:

and two suprise bonuses for me!!! the first: the kid in the brown shirt on stage with St James is Andrew, another high school person who i liked, but never hung out with. turns out he just got out of Rhode Island School of Design (it's a big deal in DesignLand) and did St James' CDs. and he's a part-time rapper. and now i have concrete evidence that he's every bit as cool as i ever thought he was (there was ample... maybe a better word is rampant evidence that austin was that cool back in the day, so he's confirmed awesome as opposed to revealed to be awesome). so Andrew is bonus #1.

bonus #2: the base player below:

#2 is Jeff, the guy on the left. huge fan of him - always was. we had a couple of classes together in high school and i'm, like, facinated by this kid. plus i tried to look him up probably six months ago because i had a need for a cello player, and he's a classically trained cellist. i googled him, emailed a band looking for him, and a girl writes me back saying she thinks he's playing somewhere in Europe. so i had assumed i'd never see him again. then to have him happen to be in Todd Carey's band, to go to the show for Austin and WHOA! on stage next is jeff.

Todd Carey's pretty great, too. not sure if i actually know him, but i like him a lot. this all went down last thursday, i was out until about 2am till i cabbed it home feeling wired and excited, signs of a great show. it was fun to see the guys, kind of re-introduce myself, but there were a bunch of people like that in the crowd, people i know but never knew. and most of them were pretty darn friendly. i didn't expect anyone to remember me, seeing as i had my own friends back in the day, but somehow the friendly chatter was sincerely friendly :)

then friday i went to the dentist.
not as exciting, but my dentist said i'm a rockstar.
saturday - uneventful. got a lot done for my new portfolio site.
sunday - sleepy and good. went to church and ambled around afterwards through Wrigleyville with shonda.

which brings us back to the present, almost :)

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