new work

"jesus is just all right with me" is the song currently in my head. which is really a good contrast to the nelly furtado i was listening to this morning. i'm going on no sleep again - i was sleeping in the 'burbs last night and no siren lullabyes like i get in the city. no orange glow lights, just the peace and quiet that makes me unreasonably paranoid. drinking lots of cold water to stay alert. drove to work today. faxed in my Design Camp registration! speaking of design:

start of a web site. his awesome comments (paraphrased):
- the ambiance is perfect.
- can you take my picture out? and focus on the logo instead.
- i'm excited to pay you in concert tickets.
- "this doesn't need to move and blink and all that s**t."

this may be one of those perfect client relationships...

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