when Chicago feels like florida:taken from the top of the Drake Hotel on Michigan Ave. Met my parents there for breakfast and pretended i was somewhere equally exotic.

which kind of happened later. i found the farmer's market on division (three blocks from my apartment) and it was almost as amazing as the Des Moines farmer's market! i've been lusting for my old Des Moines treasure trove of flowers, baked goods, omish treats, wicker baskets, and musicians... the division market is about 1/8 the size and has about 1/100th of the goods, but i found some tomatoes, acorn squash, flowers, and PEOPLE. it was really fun to wander through and i'm planning on making it a habit to tide me over until i get back to Des Moines.

plus, let's point out the best deal in town:

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Tyler said...

yeah, that dhere's a pretty good deal dhere. and, hey, chicago really would be exotic to a miamian. :-)