major tragedy

and i thought i was having a good day.
here's the catch-22 of it: i don't trust the media, i don't trust the uninformed opinions of my peers. i don't trust the agenda of the government because i don't believe they're working with any agenda i actually have access to knowing; i don't trust anyone, anywhere, about anything. i don't trust myself. what do i know?

case in point: i have seen two examples of manipulated media today that make me physically sick. if i saw the people who created these right in front of me, i would kick them in the shins and call their mothers.

#1: Qana - the director's cut. Click here.

#2: Reuters Doctoring Photos from Beirut. Click here.

but it leaves me to wonder: both of these reports came from blogs (run by Blogger, just like THIS BLOG), the former claiming "To discuss issues related to the UK's position in Europe and the world." WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? why should i trust them, either?

it's almost enough to make me renounce everything, sell all my worldly posessions and become a biochemical engineer. i could really use some facts right now.


allijack said...

don't be a biochemical engineer.

lisa said...

haha, no worries there really.