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so after going to bed around two, i got up at seven. the Elias Fund grant is DONE and SUBMITTED. it will get there tuesday morning, and i know this because of my extensive conversation with Keith at FedExKinko's (what? FExK? it's a math equation). but yeah, we'll see if they give us any money. i really, really hope they do. i found out that we can produce 500 Elias Fund Funraiser kits for under $5,000 so that's good to know too. even if we don't get any scratch from Sappi, the project might still survive.

so that took from 8am until about 2pm because every designer at heart is among other things really, really anal and needs presentations to be perfect. so things like trimming down comps and porfolio pieces take much more time then they should and you KNOW you're taking too much time. but i felt good doing it and now we have to wait until august to find anything out.

after i ambled on home, laura headed out for a weekend of fun with some friends. we all had some hugs and then shane and i were left to our own devices for the afternoon and evening. i took a long walk by myself to take some pictures, and since then shana and i packed and repacked. we're gonna go catch some dinner in a minute. it's kind of a quiet day. neither of us know what to expect of tomorrow, neither of us have seen the boston house or anything! and it's always mildly stressful to wonder if you packed right for the next ten weeks or so :) but i think it's all good.

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