i wouldn't stop even if i wanted to

oh man i'm tired. these days are seriously flying. there's so much to do. i've been in the office more, so that's really nice, i've gotten more of a chance to sit still and have the iPod flowing. we've had another conference call, and it went really well. there are some great ideas being thrown around by everyone involved. there's a goal to raise $25,000 by august for the Elias Fund and i absolutely think we can pull it off. that's a cool thing to be able to say. between fundraising and part of The Last Dispatch proceeds, it's absolutely possible.

the other day, someone we're doing a project with wrote an email about youth culture and how the upcoming generation seems to be built with a need to fix things abroad and why they are able and even called upon to work around or even ignore their elders. it was unbelievable. i'm entranced by sociology and anthropology because i can't fathom how to describe what's current, what people are believing and doing right now - and this kid nailed it on the head. shane forwarded us all his email, shook her head, and said, "i'm just so proud. i'm proud to be a human right now." side note - she was his english teacher for several years.

you won't believe who wrote it... my friend who's an understatement, jonothan from nicaragua. somehow makes perfect sense, yeah? i'm going to talk to him about turning it into a short manifesto, a statement of beliefs, because it's honestly that good and brings up that many points worth exploring and expanding. in the back of my head, there's a buzzer going off that says "NO MORE WORK!" but whatever. there will always be more work, and there won't always be people willing to do it. somehow, design has become what's important to me right now above almost anything else. i see a need. i see a need i can fill.

tomorrow will be much like today, except in case you forgot, i'm working for a production company. they make movies around here. tomorrow i get to visit a shoot going on and check that out :) so that will be cool. other than that, lately i've been working on the "extras" for the Elias Fund, buddy icons, desktop wallpapers, that kind of thing. freebies for the kids.

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Kasey said...

Hey Lisa -
That's so cool to hear that you're doing something that you love to do and for a cause that is worthy. Too many people (including myself for the past two years, which is in process of changing) these days get stuck in jobs that are not ultimately interesting to them. Before they know it, they'll reach the end of their careers having dedicated the majority of their work life to something that they were not passionate about. So, I love to hear about what's going on with you and I think this thing is a perfect fit for you. Oh, and I finally started up an account on this site...sort of, I think. I'll send you the link later on when I figure out what it is.