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my. goodness. it's already wednesday night.
the time just slips away, and today i knew would be slow, but seriously, it was meetings and driving ALL DAY. shane's a trooper. i'm new at this, so it's easy for me to keep up, but it's a lot of bouncing around.

we started with working at home, then hit the office for about forty minutes, left for san diego at 10:30, lunch meeting at 11:30, drive to pastor bob's house at 3 while eating lunch in the car, meeting re: Healing the Nations until 5, hit a starbucks at 7:30, to jonothan's at 8:30, shane meets with a group of kids who are preparing to go to Uganda this summer to start an orphanage until 10:30, i blog here for a little while, and we'll leave soon to go back and go to bed.

whew. i have so much to think about. maybe i'll just chill somewhere absolutely anonomyous tomorrow and get some work done. basically i'm going to re-do the Elias Fund branding, finish that Ideas That Matter application, and work on some brand-spanking-new collateral for Healing the Nations.

shane and i had some serious bonding time today. the car rides were good. i keep forgetting and remembering that we don't know each other that well yet! but i told pastor Bob today that i was willing to shift my entire life and path to her dream this summer because of the credibility she has built by being so transparent with myself and everyone. i'm looking forward to learning from her. i feel good about this decision.

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