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so since i can NOT SLEEP at this orphanage, i get up early and meditated on the cold tile floor. soon after, laura awoke and we had some breakfast. we headed right over to the orphanage, which was much quieter than we have yet seen it. the kids were all at school - there had been a holiday for the past four days, and today is tuesday so back to work. the kids that were there were very chill, doing chores and playing by themselves.

around 10am, laura and i went over to the school, where she had the opportunity to teach english and i was able to observe a pre-school class! these kids were beautiful and SO bright. we were there until about one, at which point we headed to the cabin for lunch. we had a great conversation about where a person puts their resources. how does a person decide where to put their money and hope? i think it's just a matter of where your heart is. keep searching until you connect with something. Mohammad said to not dig many shallow wells, but to dig one and dig it deep. in other words, i say, pick something instead of wasting time wringing your hands. we all can do something. it's REALLY not hard. if you need help, CALL ME.

laura and i took a bit of a seista until about 4, then went back to the campus. we played soccer with the kids and played with them on the playground until it was time for dinner. i didn't want to upset anyone, so we kind of just headed back as though it was nothing different, but this was my last time with these kids... laura and i sat down for dinner, had some nice time together, then i packed and we went to sleep.

it was really interesting talking to laura at dinner, because i confessed that although i wasn't necessarily excited about leaving, i am pretty excited about what this summer will bring. i had a little guilt about that, but it's time to step up and help some other people. this trip was perfect to prepare me for a few months of absolutely not concentrating on myself, but instead on my work and the work of everyone around me.

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