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boat ride
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nothing began today until 11:30! everyone was exhausted after yesterday. Laura, Mrs. Corrigan and I chatted poolside until Brad came down in time for us to all have some lunch. Jonothan had been back at the barrios with - this is how cool this trip was, this was absolutely par for the course - Jonothan had spent the morning with a cab driver he had met who had taken him back to the barrios to play soccer with a bunch of kids.

let me just take a second to express how amazing Jonothan is. he's very zen, very mellow, like the personification of an understatement, which is a really nice kind of person to be around.

around 1pm we loaded up the cars again, and drove up to lake managua. took some picts of the lovely scenery. then we hit a local market where i bought some coffee for my parents and my roommate. our group had changed again, now we had me, laura, brad, mr & mrs corrigan, and three girls that Auturo had accompany us because two of them spoke excellent english. they took us kind of out into the boonies, but there was a suprise at the end: we were set up with a boat ride through some lagoons. it was a nice low boat, close to the water, drifting at sunset, and as we threaded through these small islands, there were houses here and there that just had fantastic architecture. some where ultra-modern, like Dwell Magazine style, and some were much more traditional, but they were huge houses amid this intense tropical landscape.

after a fantastic sunset, we went back into Grenada for dinner. we found a wonderful restaurant that had a courtyard and trio of guitar players who sang for us over our meal. i sat across from one of our nicaraguan girls, who had a serious plan she laid out for us concerning the central american countries and the USA. we're all under the opinion that she should go into politics... at the end of dinner, as we were leaving, i turned to brad and it just was laid upon me to say again that i was just in awe of everyone there. they are amazing people.

after dinner, we dropped off the girls at their homes and said our goodbyes. we then headed back to the hotel, and everyone repacked everything - tomorrow we go to the orphanage, and mr. and mrs. Corrigan head back to Colorado! so we all hung out in their hotel room for a while, just reflecting on the trip, and eventually wandered back to our beds.

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