first phone conference of the summer

today is fantastic. really, really, really good. we're making good headway on the Elias Fund, i just talked to a lawyer that might take us on pro-bono and i told her that i would name her as my patron saint when it all works out. she's sweet and soft-spoken and was willing to hear the entire Elias Fund story, which sounds something like, "there was this band that broke up but first started a dream that we're turning into a NFP..."

that's the ten second story. the real story takes about six minutes and tells how three friends brought thousands of people together to believe in something that will change many, many lives.

today we had some Dispatch summer interns on a conference call! there's a motley crew of kids that are going to take over Boston, and we're going to have a ton of fun. we have groups in New York and Chicago too.

we also have our first community event under way, we're going to be participating in a 5k walk for AIDS research. you can click here to see my personal page, or here to see the Dispatch team page. if you want to support me / us, i'll send you something very special from the event :) but seriously, this is a cool cause and we're setting a team goal of $3,000, and anyone can join our team. the more the merrier!

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Mike said...


Well what can I say! Amazing! You have really hit it. I hope your enjoying everything your doing cause this all looks amazing! Will you please give my regards to Shane, Laura, and Brad. I am so psyched for you! When you come back give me a call and we'll definately chill!!! Excellent work my friend.

God Bless,